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The Fremont Fun Club meets on Tuesdays
from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at HALE’S BREWERY
4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle WA 98107
Rotary club info Phone 206-632-0124


Zoe Mote - President
John Booker - President Elect
Judy Gay - Secretary
Jen Doyle - Treasurer
Charles Coghlan - Club Director
Jean Withers - Asst District Governor
Club Service Chair - Beth Tesh
International service - Chris Pierard
Vocational service -
Social Media - Randy Cryer & Jen Doyle
Rotary Foundation - John Booker
Youth Service Chair, Brent Williams-Ruth
Membership Chair, Armando Cruz
Rotary First Harvest Chair, Randy Cryer
Web Site Chair, Randy Cryer & Jen Doyle
Club Programs Chair, Susan Susor

Active Members
John Booker
Suzie Burke
Ole Carlson
Charles Coghlan

Armando Cruz
Randy Cryer
Jen Doyle
Judy Gay
Mike Hale
Robert Hammer
Jeff Kickey
Amina Kapusuzoglu*
Zoe Mote
Chris Pierard
Brent Williams-Ruth
Mark Steelquist
Susan Susor*
Thomas Susor*
Beth Tesh
David Walter*
Jean Withers

*new member, less than a year
Charter Members ( are posted in bold)

Past Presidents
Robert Hammer- Immediate Past President (2016-17)
Armando Cruz, Past President (2015-16)
Beth Tesh, Past President (2014-15)
Al Souza, Past President (13-14)
Mark Steelquist, Past President (12-13)
Chris Pierard, Past President (11-12)
Todd Holec, Past President (10-11)
Jean Withers, Past President (09-10)
Randy Cryer, Past President (08-09)
John Booker, Past President (07-08)
Larry Kezner, Past President (06-07)
Jeannine Welfelt, Past President (05-06)
Ole Carlson, Past President (04-05)
Ann Sloper, Past President (03-04)
Charles Young, Past President (02-03)
Kathleen O’Connor, Past President (01-02)
Mike Hale, Past President (00-01)
John Rose, Charter President (99-00)

In Memorium;

Gene Tonnemaker - our Godfather
John Rose - our club charter President
Chuck Keenan - our original Programs Chair and Charter Member
Howard Swerland - charter member
Edd Hoeschen - charter member

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Fremont Club ID# 53074

District 5030

Fremont Fun Club Meets at 5:30 on Tuesdays at:
Hales Brewery
4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle WA 98107
hone 206-632-0124
Email -