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The Fremont Fun Club meets on Tuesdays
from 5:30 to 7:00 pm at HALE’S BREWERY
4301 Leary Way NW, Seattle WA 98107
Rotary club info Phone 206-632-0124





October 3, 2023 5:30 until done.

Support the Troops
Come join the Fremont Rotary Club Tuesday evening, Oct 3rd and help us put together care packages for our Overseas Troops.
5:30pm - until we are done;
At the Ballard VFW Hall (Veterans of Foreign Wars) -
2812 NW Market St

Seattle, WA

This is a project of The Fremont Rotary Club partnering with donations from Safeway and VFW. These packages are for an army unit serving in Xiphous, Jordan. Using their wish lists we will send many small daily comfort items, razors, chips, coffee fixings, toothpaste, that we here Stateside generally take for granted. What’s even worse than serving “hard duty” is feeling that you are forgotten. Come join us. It will be a fun evening of “light duty” packing up the supplies. We will be a mixture of Rotarians, friends of friends, and VFW volunteers. We need your help! You might even scribble a note to put in one of these care packages…. Trust us, your service of a few hours this coming Tuesday evening will make a big impact


November 11, 2022

President Rudy has arranged for our Club Members to place flags on Veterans' graves on Friday, November 11. Meet at Evergeen Washelli Cemetary at the Dough Boy Statue. We gather at 9:30-9:45 a.m. and place flags at 10 a.m.


December 14, 2021; 6 PM

Fremont Rotary annual Christmas Party

At Suzie's house again this year. Please bring a pot luck dish. Coordinate with Beth for what dish you are bringing, so we don't get duplicates.

White Elephant Gift Exchange.- if you would like to get a gift, bring one for the tree.

Also bring new socks for the homeless and they will get donated

Happy Holidays



October 19, 2021; 5:30 - 7 PM

Celebrating World Polio Day
Special Guest Speaker; Ezra Teshome (see details)

RSVP via the Facebook invitation or email event@fremontrotary.com


Month of July 2021

Support Our Troops in Syria (Care Packages to the front line troops)

Two Ways to Help:
Buy and drop off donation items at Fremont Dock Co. at 3500 1st Ave NW, Seattle, 98107. Or make a financial contribution to Fremont Rotary Club to help distribute the goods to the 1-173 Infantry Battalion Troops deployed in Syria.
Most Requested Items;
-Drink mixes for water
-Peanut butter crackers
-candies, popcorn and gum
-Personal hygiene items; toothpaste, wet wipes, disposable razors, chap stick, body wash, lotion, face wash, mouthwash, deodorant, Q-tips, shampoo, conditioner and foot powder.

Click here for the Facebook event notice.



Operation Nightwatch / Compass Center- Sandwich making nights
Second Tuesday of every month.
We Meet at 5:30 PM to make sandwiches, then one of our volunteers delivers the sandwiches to the shelters.

Burke-Gilman Trail Clean Up
This date is scheduled quarterly (check with the club for dates)
The Rotary club of Fremont along with the Seattle "Adopt a Street" program has adopted the Burke-Gilman Trail, from the dinosaurs in Fremont, west to the Hale's Brewery.
We meet on a Tuesday, about 4:30 at the Dino's, and work our way west to the Hale's Brewery. We clean up the bicycle/hiking trail along the way. Then we join our regularly scheduled Rotary meeting.

Dinosaurs in Fremont
Seasonal (Check with the club for dates)
We regularly maintain the Dinosaur topiaries in the park along the ship canal at the corner of Phinney Ave N and N Canal St.

Fremont Fun Club Meets at 5:30 on Thursdays at:
Elk's Lodge #92
3014 3rd Ave N, Seattle WA 98109
hone 206-632-0124
Email - We are a volunteer club, not a business. Do Not Send Marketing to this email.